Winternals Software Offers Nimda Solution

The aggressive Nimda virus/worm has caused widespread site shutdowns and Internet service interruption, but according to security experts, the real cost of this hacker attack--which uses four different known vulnerabilities in Microsoft's IIS Web server--will come during the eradication phase. To aid in this effort, Winternals Software is offering a utility that will help eliminate the Nimda virus/worm on Windows 2000/NT systems without requiring the system to be wiped out first. The company's NTFSDOS Professional works with leading virus scanners to clean and repair systems attacked by Nimda.

"NTFSDOS Professional provides a safe environment for booting a computer infected with the Nimda virus and prevents the virus from spreading further," said Edwin Brasch, President and CEO of Winternals. "For this reason, NTFSDOS Professional is an excellent tool for administrators to have on hand when fighting against the constant threat of virus attacks."

NTFSDOS Professional can boot a Nimda-infected system to a DOS-based environment where the virus cannot execute and replicate. Once in this environment, an administrator can use a DOS-based virus scanner to clean the system. NTFSDOS Professional provides full read and write access to NTFS drives as well, giving virus scanners access to drives not normally open to DOS. NTFSDOS Professional costs $300 and can be purchased and downloaded 24 hours a day. For more information, please visit the Winternals Website.

TAGS: Security
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