WinInfo Short Takes: Week of October 18th

YOU GOTTA LOVE that the online Open Source rag Slashdot interviews Id programming guru John Carmack (DOOM, Quake) and the first question out of their collective mouths is, "Which is your favorite operating system?" His response: Frank Stallone. OK, actually, he said Windows NT. Furthermore, he would have chosen it even if his largest sales market wasn't using Windows too. "\[The Linux user experience is\] very weak compared to Windows or the Mac. " LOL. Bet that put a few of those people in their place.

ZDNET WAS NICE enough to take a Brian Valentine quote about Windows 2000 and twist it so that the situation seems worse than it is. Valentine correctly bragged to ZD that "85% of the top 500 applications now run on Windows 2000." He added that Microsoft wouldn't ship the OS until all of those applications ran without modification. ZD's take on this? Glad you asked, here it is: "Application compatibility, an issue that has dogged the product all year, is still about 15 percent shy of where Microsoft wants it, according to Valentine." I guess it's one of those glass half empty/half full things: 85% sounds good, 15% short sounds bad. It's all in how you tell it. Meanwhile, I've been running Windows 2000 "all year" and I have yet to run into any application incompatibility issues.

YOU KNOW THAT the planets have to be aligned a certain way for this to happen, but I actually agree with the assertion in Beta News this week that Windows 2000 isn't delayed. Kudos to Nate and company for not sinking to the party line.

QUOTE OF THE week, courtesy of John Carmack: "Experience is valuable." That's been my philosophy all along

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