WinInfo Short Takes: Week of January 17

WININFO SUBSCRIBER CHRIS Walker has written up an in-depth review of his experiences with the new Windows CE-based AutoPC at CES this year, complete with photographs. It's a great review, check it out!

MICROSOFT IS TESTING a cool new Web-based organizer called, aptly enough, MSN Calendar. It features appointments, tasks, reminders, and notes, all in a secure Web-based environment. You must have a Hotmail account to check it out (of course), but it's available now for free on the Web.

WE'VE GOT A nice list of upcoming Microsoft product release dates for your perusal this week. In chronological order, we've got Project 2000 on January 24th and Links LS 2000 on January 26th. In February, we're looking at a slew of new hardware, including Rollie 1.0 and Shooter 1.0 on February 1st (no, I have no idea what those are), and IntelliMouse Optical (PS/2, USB, and PS/2-USB versions) on the 16th. This will be accompanied by IntelliPoint 3.2 software, also on the 16th. On February 14th, we've got the final release of Windows Services for Unix 2.0, while a game called Allegiance is due on the 23rd. And now that Microsoft's acquisition of Visio is complete, the company can release Visio Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Technical editions on February 23rd. In March, Microsoft will release MS Baseball 2001 on the 8th, Expedia Streets & Trips 2001 on the 15th, and AutoRoute Express Europe (various language editions) on the 29th. Also due on March 29th are MapPoint 2001 and Motocross Madness 2.0. In April, Microsoft will release a game called Starlancer on the 5th. Then it's on to May, with the release of Services for Netware 1.0 for Windows 2000. June sees three more hardware releases: Trackball Explorer, Trackball Optical, and Wheel Mouse Optical, all on the 14th.

THE UPCOMING RELEASE of Office 2000 SR1 will finally allow you to use a Hotmail email account in Outlook 2000, Microsoft's premier messaging client. Microsoft introduced this feature in Outlook Express about a year ago, but added an annoying advertisement pane in OE 5.01. Hopefully, the Outlook 2000 version won't require the ad pane, since Outlook isn't a free product like Outlook Express. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

I'VE GOTTEN MANY requests from people who want to install the Developer's Preview of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000, but Microsoft prevents this. The latest build of IE 5.5, however, *does* install on Windows 2000, so presumably the next public release will as well. Hang in there people, it's coming

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