Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, IIS 4.0 to debut in October

One month after the release of Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft will make available a Windows NT 4.0 "Option Pack" that will include Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, IE 4.0, and other products. The interesting thing about this Option Pack is the inclusion of IIS 4.0: Microsoft has never announced a release date for this product, but we can now assume that it will be ready by October 30th.

The Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack is designed to make it easier for customers to get new functionality for Windows NT, both Server Workstation. It will take the form of a two-CD-ROM kit, including the following:

  • Internet Information Server 4.0 and Personal Web Server 4.0
  • Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0
  • Microsoft Messaging Queue 1.0 (Code-named "Falcon")
  • RAS, with PPTP and VPN (Code-named "BaseCamp")
  • Internet Explorer 4.0
  • Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3
The Option Pack can be purchased three ways:
  • At retail for $100.
  • By purchasing Windows NT Server or Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition    after December 15, 1997. Option Pack CD-ROMs will also be included in    later builds of Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows NT Server, Enterprise    Edition 4.0. It will *not* be included in Windows NT Workstation or    Windows 95 releases.
  • Downloadable for fee over the Web.
For more information on the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Action Pack, watch the Microsoft IIS 4.0 Beta Web site
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