Windows NT 4.0 gets Zero Administration within 90 days

Microsoft announced today that Windows NT 4.0 users will be able implement their "Zero Administration for Windows" initiative within 90 days, using a kit the company will release for free. Microsoft hopes this kit will tide users over until the next major release of NT, version 5.0, due in 1998. It includes an automated setup program, pre-configured system policies, user profiles, and setup scripts, and optional configuration "modes" that allow users to boot directly into Internet Explorer or other applications. The ZAW kit will include a full set of documentation as well.

Microsoft plans to make the Zero Administration kit available as a free download from the Microsoft Web site. For now, you can download demos of two ZAW modes: "Taskstation mode" and "Appstation mode," from the Zero Administration Kit for Windows home page. The demos are simply Director movies that show you how the feature will eventually work

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