Windows Market Share Rises But PC Sales Flatten

Two market surveys show that Windows has gained market share in the most recent quarter, even though PC sales have almost flattened and will likely grow at an abbreviated rate through 2003. According to market researcher, Windows now controls 97.46 percent of the global desktop OS market, compared to just 1.43 percent for Apple Macintosh and 0.26 percent for Linux. says it derives its figures, which are an average of the past 2 months, from realtime global Web site analysis.

In related news, Massachusetts-based International Data Corporation (IDC) reported this morning that PC sales will grow just 1.1 percent in 2002, a sharp drop from the company's original projection of 4.7 percent. Although IDC expects PC sales to grow 8.4 percent in 2003, that figure is down from its original 11.1 percent estimate. PC makers will sell about 135 million PCs in 2002 and another 147 million in 2003, IDC says.

IDC notes that midsized and large companies, which have slowed spending, account for much of the sales shortfall. Consumers and small businesses continue to buy PCs in record numbers, the company said. But because consumers and small businesses represent just one-third of the total PC market, those sales aren't enough to buoy the industry.

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