Windows 98 "no threat" says Barksdale

While he agrees that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 98 operating system will be successful, Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale says that his company has nothing to fear and that its release will not adversely affect Netscape's browser marketshare. Barksdale says that Netscape will "aggressively" defend its leadership position in the Web browser market when Windows 98 is released in late June. In an odd burst of kindness toward Redmond, he said that Windows 98 was a nice platform for running Netscape Navigator and he was pleased that Microsoft chose not to supply some sort of self-promoting start page when users opened 98's Web browser.

One thing Barksdale wouldn't comment on, however, is rumors of the sale of Netscape to Sun.

"Every company I've seen rumored to be acquiring us has denied it," he said. "It's not my goal to be acquired, but we're a public company, so we're for sale every day.

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