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Windows 8/RT's Task Manager on steroids

Windows 8/RT's Task Manager on steroids

One of the cool features of Windows 8/RT is the new Task Manager.  If you’ve not had time to play with this yet, you’re in for a treat.  Gone, is the old Windows NT looking app, replaced with a streamlined interface to match the Windows 8/RT GUI.  But, there’s more.

Included on the Processes tab, Windows 8/RT gives you the ability to actually view sub-processes of the main process.  In the pic below, you can see the an example of the sub-processes that are being utilized by Service Host.  Nice feature!

Windows 8/RT Sub Processes

And, beyond the normal tabs you’re used to, and over and beyond the cool revamp of the tool, there’s now an App History tab that allows you to get a view of the applications that have been running, how much CPU time they took up, how much Network bandwidth they used, and also how much data is being consumed by the Windows 8/RT Tile updates.

App History

Task Manager can still be accessed the old way – by right-clicking on the Taskbar, but it’s also available in the new UI, by going to All Apps, then navigating to the Windows System area.

Windows 8/RT Task Manager

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