Windows 8.1 Has Mouse Problems, Fix Promised Soon

Windows 8.1 Has Mouse Problems, Fix Promised Soon

Windows 8.1 is a must-have upgrade – for most. There are pieces of Windows 8.1 that simply worked and ran better in the originally released Windows 8. Some web sites are incompatible with the new IE11, but most times adding the web site to the Compatibility View Settings list works.

Microsoft is working to fix glaring issues, but if you're a gamer or left-handed person, mouse usage may be an issue and you'll need to wait for an update.

It's been reported that there is considerable mouse lag in specific games running on Windows 8.1, where they worked just fine before. Some have reported mouse "jitters" and inaccurate mouse movement. Even more recently, a colleague of mine and a few others I've been in contact with (all left-handers) are experiencing significant problems with mouse usage when the device's settings are configured for left-handed use.

Granted, Windows 8, and subsequently, Windows 8.1, have been designed, first, for touch, but there seems to be no reason why the most common computer input device should have problems, except that Microsoft may not have tested all scenarios before release.

Some have suggested, that if you are a hard-core gamer running Windows 8, don't even attempt to upgrade to Windows 8.1 because the experience will be too frustrating. But, it goes beyond that, it seems, as non-gaming mouse problems continue to be reported.

Are you, or someone you know, experiencing mouse problems with Windows 8.1? Let me know.

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