Windows 8 security

Windows 8.1 Assigned Access

Q: Can I use Windows 8.1 Assigned Access with a non-modern application?

A: Assigned Access is a Windows 8.1 feature that enables a single, modern application (from the Windows Store) to be assigned to a user so that when the user logs on he or she sees only that specific application and can't access anything else. This works great for modern applications, but what if your requirement is for a non-modern application (e.g., a Win32 app). Although there are several third-party lockdown solutions, if you're using the Enterprise edition of Windows then you can use a combination of policies to create an environment that's locked down to a specific application; for example:

  • Use AppLocker to whitelist only the specific application required for the user
  • Block access to charms and other elements
  • Configure the application to launch at logon

There's some work involved, but it's completely possible. Industry versions of Windows offer additional (embedded) lockdown capabilities.

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