Windows 8 Overtakes Windows Vista in OS Market Share

Windows 8 Overtakes Windows Vista in OS Market Share

Individuals who detest Microsoft's latest operating system may be flinging some choice words together into empty space, but Windows 8 has finally overtaken Windows Vista in OS market share. 

"Finally!" you might be saying to yourself. For those individuals who detest Microsoft's latest operating system, there may be a different group of words being flung together into empty space. According to recent Net Applications numbers, Windows 8 has finally surpassed Windows Vista, coming in at 5.10% market share. Windows XP and Windows 7 still lead the charge with 37.17% and 44.37%, respectively, but remember that Windows XP support ends in April of 2014 and Windows 8.1 will be released publicly in the Fall of 2013 and that should further help alter the numbers in Windows 8's favor.

You can review the full list of OS market share here: Net Applications Operating System Market Share

Funny. Windows ME is still on the list!

BTW: Don't forget! Office XP is also expiring next year!  Windows XP Gets All the Fanfare, But Remember, Office 2003 is Expiring, too


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