Windows 7 Public Beta Comes Roaring Out of the Gates

Demand for the public beta version of Windows 7 was so great that Microsoft actually had capacity issues on Friday. But the software giant opened the floodgates over the weekend, opening up its next operating system to millions of users for the first time. In fact, demand is so great that Microsoft has temporarily removed its previously-stated 2.5 million download limit: For two weeks, Microsoft will allow anyone who wants the Windows 7 Beta to download it.

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, interest and willingness to beta test," a posting on the Windows team blog reads. "It has been great to see the positive early reviews and feedback. As you know, this is a beta product. We are working hard to get Windows 7 ready and right. Your input is a critical part of that process. Thank you!"

Excitement about the Windows 7 Beta has surprised even Microsoft, which has been stung in recent years by largely perceived problems with Windows Vista, the current Windows version. Reactions to the new OS, in sharp contrast to those for Vista, have been almost universally positive. Clearly, Microsoft already has a hit on its hands.

I've been working with the Windows 7 Beta since last month and have already written several articles, including a lengthy review, about this new release. For more information about the Windows 7 Beta, including information about how you can download it yourself, please refer to the SuperSite for Windows.

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