Windows 2000 is a go in China

Despite fears that its encryption technology would prove to be a barrier, Windows 2000 was finally approved for sale in China, Microsoft Corporation announced this week. All versions of Windows 2000 were approved by the Ministry of Information Industry and the State Encryption Management Commission, the final hurdles for selling Windows 2000 in China.

"It's full steam ahead," said Michael Rawding, Mirosoft's regional director for greater China."

Microsoft's ability to sell Windows 2000 in China was first called into question in January, when the Chinese announced that all companies using encryption in their products had to register with the government and obtain permission. Windows 2000 is now set to launch in China on March 20th as scheduled.

While the demand for Windows 2000 is expected to be strong worldwide, the product's demand in China is particularly strong: Windows NT currently owns over 60% of the Chinese server market, while the rest of the market is divided almost evenly between several smaller players. The Chinese government in particular is expecting to purchase numerous copies of Windows 2000.

"We anticipate a very strong market reaction," said Rawding. "The pre-order figures are very exciting.

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