What tuning can be performed on Directory Replication?

A. There are a number of registry entries you can update.

These are all values under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Replicator\Parameters

GuardTime Sets the amount of time the export folder must have had no changes before files are replicated, by default 2 minutes.
Interval How often an export server looks for changes in the replicator folders, by default 5 minutes
Pulse Number of times the import computer repeats the change notice after the initial announcement. By default three.
Random Specifies the maximum time that the import servers can wait before requesting an update. An import server uses the export server's value of Random to generate a random number of seconds (from 0 to the value of Random). The import server waits this long after receiving an update notice before requesting the replica from the export server. This prevents the export server from being overloaded by simultaneous update requests.

Default: 60

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