Web-based Server Management Tools Hit Public Preview

Web-based Server Management Tools Hit Public Preview

Bits and pieces of web-based server management for Windows servers have been around since last year’s Microsoft Ignite and Build. I’ve seen Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft Technical Fellow, demo the tools at least twice.

The web-based tools essentially allow organizations needing to manage Nano Server through a set of hopped-up Remote Server Management Tools, but also deliver a GUI and command line tools to manage Windows Servers. The tools are hosted in Azure and can only be used to manage Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview SKUs running on-premises as well as in Azure.

Today, Microsoft has announced that the tools are now available for public preview. In the current iteration, the tools can:

  • View and change system configuration
  • View performance across various resources and manage processes and services
  • Manage devices attached to the server
  • View event logs
  • View the list of installed roles and features
  • Use a PowerShell console to manage and automate

More capabilities are on the way, but you can always lobby for your own suggestions at the Windows Server Management Tools UserVoice site.

To locate the preview, login to your Azure portal and navigate to Marketplace > Management > More > Server management tools.

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