VERITAS Announces Complete Portfolio of Windows 2000 Solutions

Last week, VERITAS Software announced a complete and integrated set of software storage solutions for Windows 2000. The hardware-independent solutions will let companies using Windows servers manage their storage infrastructure. The company's announcement comes at a time when storage software management has become a highly competitive field.

VERITAS's solutions consist of six applications that are sold individually but work together. The portfolio contains VERITAS Volume Manager 3.0, VERITAS FlashSnap Option 3.0, VERITAS Global Cluster Manager 3.5, VERITAS Cluster Server 2.0, VERITAS Volume Replicator 3.0, and VERITAS Edition for Microsoft Exchange 2000. VERITAS Volume Manager provides storage virtualization and centralized management for storage hardware. VERITAS FlashSnap creates point-in-time "snapshot" copies of data that can be placed on another server. VERITAS Global Cluster Manager monitors clusters featuring VERITAS Cluster Server and migrates applications between sites automatically. VERITAS Edition for Microsoft Exchange 2000 improves Exchange storage management, recoverability, and availability.

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