UNIX extends its lead over Windows NT

According to a recent study by Dataquest, UNIX is not only maintaining its lead over Windows NT, but is actually increasing the lead. This stands in sharp contrast to other studies released in the past few years, that showed Windows NT gaining on UNIX.

Use of UNIX as a server grew 12.7% in the past two years to 42.7% market share, up from a 36% during the previous period. Windows NT, meanwhile, grew 60% to 16.2% of the market, up from 9.7%.

"\[Windows NT\] has a long way to go," said Dataquest chief analyst Kim Brown.

UNIX has gotten rejuvenated recently with the success of Linux, the pairing of IBM and SCO, and the recent release of a new Solaris. UNIX is also more reliable and scalable than Windows NT, which is important in corporations and other mission-critical environments

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