Texas sues Microsoft, charges interference

The Attorney General of Texas has asked a state District Court to issue an injunction against Microsoft Corporation that would keep the software giant from interfering with its investigation. The Attorney General's lawsuit centers around Microsoft's requiring customers to sign non-disclosure agreements and licensing contracts that require them to contact Microsoft before providing information to investigators. The suit asks that any companies doing business with Microsoft not be forced to comply with such a demand.

In a statement released Friday, Texas Attorney General Dan Morales asked Microsoft "to voluntarily instruct its licensees that they don't have to comply with the prior notice provision of the contract. Microsoft declined. Prior notice to Microsoft impedes full and thorough compliance with the \[civil investigative demands\] and...creates a watchdog system wherein Microsoft is alerted to the Attorney General's enforcement effort and may attempt to cover its tracks."

Microsoft is now being investigated by numerous parties, including the U.S. Department of Justice, and several other states

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