Texas softens stand on Microsoft

Texas Attorney General Dan Morales, one of the most vocal opponents of Microsoft, says his state will not participate in any legal move against the software giant. The abrupt turn-around, which comes just days before possible action from a dozen U.S. states and the Department of Justice (DOJ), is the result of protests from numerous Texan computer companies. While Morales didn't name the companies that complained, both Compaq and Dell Computer are in Texas, and rank high in the top five computer makers. Both are staunch Microsoft partners and defenders as well.

Morales said he would talk with Texan computer companies over the next few weeks.

"Before contemplating any legal action against Microsoft, I feel it is prudent and wise to personally hear the concerns of our Texas-based computer companies. I expect to meet with some of them over the next few weeks to discuss these concerns. In the meantime, we will continue to look into this matter to ensure that Texas consumers are protected.

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