Sun hypes Solaris, taunts Microsoft

Sun Microsystems held a day of technology briefings on Tuesday for the media, and revealed its plans for the future. Sun CEO Scott McNealy, who is still stuck in the taunting faze most seven-year olds grow out of, spent a lot of time putting down Microsoft as usual.

"You take a cup of 100% Pure Java, and you add three drops of poison, and what do you get? Windows," Mr. McNealy said. "My advice to Microsoft is they ought to get compatible \[with Sun's Java specification\] and stop labeling other characters as Java class libraries. Microsoft only publishes half of the \[Java\] spec, the underside of it. We will not change the process by which Java was evolved, not until we are five times larger than our nearest competitor. We're protective of our Java label."

Anyway, Sun also made some product announcements. The company is pushing a new version of its network management software called Solstice Enterprise Manager, that will debut next month at a starting price of $20,000. Sun is also preparing a new version of its Solaris operating system that is aimed at the enterprise. Solaris for the Enterprise, as it is imaginatively called, will run on Sun's SPARC as well as Intel's upcoming 64-bit Merced CPU. It features a 64-bit file system and kernel, transactional capabilities, and remote access features. Also announced was JavaOS 1.1, for Network Computers (NCs) and JavaOS for Appliances

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