Steve Jobs likely to be named Apple Chairman

If the rumors are true then Steve Jobs will be named Apple's new Chairman by next week. The appointment isn't exactly a big surprise: being Chairman would lend Jobs the formal power he desires without the risk of being the CEO. Next week, Steve Jobs will give the opening keynote address at MacWorld Boston, in a spot originally slated for former CEO and Chairman Gil Amelio. Amelio, for his part, addressed the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco this week and defended his legacy at Apple.

"In addition to its powerful brand, I'm proud that the company now has the strongest product line up in history...I believe I'm allowed to take credit for putting Apple back in a strong, ready-to-relaunch position," he said. "Apple people cannot be won over by a charming smile and a comradely manner."

Apparently he's forgotten about Steve Jobs already.  Apple, for their part, refuses to comment at this time

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