SQL Server 7.0 due next week

Microsoft will finally release SQL Server 7.0 next week and it's priced to sell. The next generation database server, which now runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, and laptop systems, will be available for $99 per user for the first 99 days of its availability (a five user license is typically $1400).

SQL Server 7.0 will be unveiled at a series of gala events next week at Fall Comdex in Las Vegas (I'll be covering the launch for WinInfo and the Windows 2000 Supersite). Over three years in the making, a special desktop version of SQL Server 7.0 will also be included with Office 2000.

And if you Microsoft Access users are worried about SQL Server taking over for Access on the low-end (and frankly, I think you should be worried), Microsoft had some kind words for its venerable desktop database.

"Access will not go away," said Doug Leland, SQL Server group product marketing manager. "We will be adding in new functionality that allows it to scale."

Leland says that both of the core components of Access--the "Jet" database engine and the development tools--are being improved for Office 2000 and future versions of Office. Regardless, an embedded version of SQL Server is now an option for the database engine in Access 2000 and it's only a matter of time before the dated Jet engine runs into the technological wall

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