Solving Win2K Pro Roaming Profile Logoff Problems

I use a roaming profile on my Windows 2000 Professional system. Recently, whenever I log off, the system attempts to write the profile for a brief time, then issues an error relating to a .gif file in the C:\documents and settings\my name\local settings\temporary internet files\content.IE5 folder. This error prevents my profile from being properly updated. How can I avoid the error?

I've seen similar problems occur when disk or file corruption affects some of the files that make up the user profile. In your case, one of Microsoft Internet Explorer's Temporary Internet files is the culprit. To address the problem, first run Chkdsk on the C drive by entering the command

chkdsk c: /f

Because you can't check the system volume while the system is booted under the GUI, you need to reboot. After the disk check runs on the next reboot, start IE and clear the temporary Internet files. Select Tools, Internet Options; click the General tab; and under the Temporary Internet files section, choose Delete Files. When you log off again, the system should write the profile without errors.

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