Snap Appliance Releases First Product

Snap Appliance is officially launching this month. Quantum's decision to spin off its Network Attached Storage (NAS) assets last October triggered the formation of Snap Appliance. The spin-off lets Quantum focus exclusively on data protection. The new company's assets include Quantum's Snap Server and Guardian product families. Snap Appliance's launch will include updated products, new branding, and a new marketing campaign.

The company has released an updated version of its Snap Server 4400 model. Snap Appliance has also updated its GuardianOS Network Attached Storage (NAS) OSs to increase security and functionality. The OS will now also include an embedded version of Computer Associates' (CA's) eTrust antivirus software. The new products and OS enhancements with antivirus capability are now available. Existing GuardianOS users can download a free upgrade from Snap Appliance's Web site.

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