Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI Aim to Work Together

Executives from the Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial Attached SCSI working groups have revealed plans to enable compatibility between their two technologies at the system level. The collaboration is expected to help simplify future device-level interfaces. The Serial ATA 2.0 standard was approved last year, whereas the Serial Attached SCSI working group is still working on its standard. The SATA standard was designed for inexpensive devices (desktops); the Serial Attached SCSI standard is being designed for markets that require robust feature sets for mainstream server-storage solutions.

The two groups are still ironing out the details but are aiming toward enabling SAS controllers, host bus adapters, and subsystems to support SATA devices. No expectation exists that SATA controllers will support Serial Attached SCSI devices. SATA was developed to replace the parallel AT Attachment (ATA) in most PCs today. Serial Attached SCSI is being developed as the next evolution of SCSI. SATA devices are already shipping. Serial Attached SCSI systems with SATA support are expected to be available sometime in 2004.

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