Report: Windows 2000 RC1 due June 30

According to a report in PC Week, Microsoft Corporation will ship its first release candidate (RC1) for Windows 2000 on June 30th, which places the milestone within the release guidelines previously revealed by Microsoft. Windows 2000 RC1 will include bug fixes but no new features, when compared with Beta 3, which was released in late April. Microsoft previously said that release candidates would ship every 5-8 weeks after Beta 3, and the June 30 date barely squeaks into the upper end of that timeline.

"With Beta 3 I've got 42 customers that are starting deployment for Windows 2000," says Microsoft VP Brian Valentine. "They're actually running it in production."

Indeed, users that have gotten their hands on Windows 2000 Beta 3 give the product very high marks: Almost universally, most people agree that the Professional Edition could ship today, while the Server Edition isn't far behind. Microsoft will easily meet its year-end release schedule for Windows 2000: Expect a big event at Fall Comdex

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