Rebirth of the Amiga?

Amiga International, the arm of Gateway 2000 that now controls the Amiga technologies originally developed by Commodore, announced today that it has a licensing agreement with Phase 5 to develop a new PowerPC-based computer running the Amiga OS 3.1.

"We are glad to see that with phase 5 digital products another important developer and manufacturer in the AMIGA market shows his commitment towards the Amiga OS 3.1", said Petro Tyschtschenko of AMIGA International, Inc. "As Phase 5 has led the development of PowerPC products for the Amiga, this is an important agreement which will give a momentum to the future development of Amiga and Amiga-compatible systems, an expectation which is also supported by the cooperation of the different licensees of our Amiga technology."

That's right, folks: the Amiga is back, whatever that means. The Amiga was popular in the late 1980's because of its great support for standard video formats. Recently, however, PCs and Macintoshes have surpassed the Amiga in this area. Also, Commodore declared bankruptcy years ago, sending the Amiga technologies into a tailspin until they were picked up by Gateway 2000 last year.

The new Amiga machines will support up to four 200-300 MHz processors. A four processor 200 MHz system will run only $2000, while the 300 MHz configuration will cost about $3500. Both are expected sometime late this year.

The announcement comes during Amiga 98, an Amiga tradeshow in St. Louis

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