Quest Software Announces Which NetPro Products Stay, Go

Quest Software today announced its product rationalization and the fate of NetPro's product line, which it acquired along with NetPro last month. As expected, the majority of products sunsetted will be NetPro products, though sunsetting will be gradual--support will last until December 31, 2009. Quest will offer free upgrades to the "go forward" products to those customers who qualify.

The NetPro products that remain include the following. In some cases, they will go forward as is; in other cases they will be integrated with existing Quest products:

Configuration reporting: Quest Reporter is the go-forward product, NetPro ReportADmin will be sunsetted.

Group Policy management: NetPro GPOADmin is the go-forward product; Quest Group Policy Manager will be sunsetted.

Active Directory (AD) object recovery: Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory is the go-forward product; NetPro RestoreADmin will be sunsetted.

NetPro's ChangeAuditor product line will remain, along with its competitor, Quest's InTrust product line, until a new solution integrates both lines, at which time customers will migrate to the new solution.

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