Profile Quota Problems; An SMS 2.0 Heads Up

No NT Option Pack News
Last week, I asked readers whether they knew about any Windows NT Option Pack updates for Service Pack 6a (SP6a), and I’m sorry to report that I didn’t get much feedback. A couple of you sent URLs, but after I booted two different Windows 2000 roots on two different physical drives (with nothing shared between the roots), Outlook overwrote my mail file, and I lost all of last week’s messages. Until I figure out why that happened, I promise to read mail only while running my usual Win2K Server configuration. And if I hear about any Option Pack updates, I'll pass them along right away.

Troubleshooting Profile Quota Problems
If you use the Limit Profile Size system policy to restrict the size of your NT user profiles and you have problems with profile management, you might want to install the checked version of the Profile Quota Manager utility, proquota.exe, from the checked build of NT. You can find the file in the \winnt\system32 directory. After you install the checked version of the utility, you must add a value to the Registry's Winlogon key to instruct the utility to generate a log file.

To install the checked version, rename the proquota.exe file proquota.old. Make sure the checked version of proquota.exe matches the version of the OS you're using, and then copy the file to the \winnt\system32 directory on the computer you want to troubleshoot. Open a Registry editor (e.g., regedt32.exe) and go to the Winlogon key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Create a new value, ProquotaDebugLevel:REG_DWORD, assign it a hexadecimal value of 10002, and reboot the machine. The checked build generates a text log file called proquota.log at the root of your C drive that should help you identify your profile problem. Microsoft Support Online article Q259826 ( describes this technique.

SMS 2.0 Heads Up
When I checked the Knowledge Base recently, I noticed many new articles about Systems Management Server 2.0 (SMS 2.0). If you have problems with SMS 2.0 or are planning to upgrade to the new version, check out these references. With the exception of perhaps 10 articles, all are new within the past 2 weeks. Several contain how-to information, but most of the new postings describe bugs and problems with clients (NT and Windows 95), remote control, inventory, and installation.

  • Q263019 SMS Remote Control Hangs Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2
  • Q262295 SMS: CCIM Does Not Restart Running Smsman on Installed Client
  • Q262341 SMS: SMSClitoknAcct& Account Lockout When HINV Is Run
  • Q261274 SMS: Software Wizard May Not Show All Distribution Points
  • Q260530 SMS: Collection Properties Comment Box Allows 130 Characters
  • Q260522 SMS: Cannot Target Software to Windows NT 4.0 SP6 x86 Computers
  • Q259919 Remote Control May Not Work If Similar Program Was Installed
  • Q259702 SMS: Loss of Status Messages During Software Distribution
  • Q257683 SMS: TMP Variable Not Consistent in SMSCliToknAcct& Environment
  • Q257280 SMS: Advertisement Runs Multiple Times on Windows 95/98 Clients
  • Q257270 SMS 2.0 Client Minimizes Full-Screen MS-DOS-Based Program
  • Q256864 SMS: Windows 2000 Professional May Appear as Windows NT Server
  • Q256869 SMS: Network Printers for Windows NT Clients Are Not Reported
  • Q256586 SMS: Backup May Delete Contents of Target Folder
  • Q256202 SMS: Upgrading SQL Server May Not Succeed When Running SMS
  • Q256203 SMS: Status Messages Are Not Displayed in SQL Server Database
  • Q256207 SMS: Clients Do Not Get Advertisements with SQL Account Problems
  • Q256003 SMS: Cannot Remotely Control Mouse with Toshiba Driver
  • Q256012 SMS: Crystal Reports Services Installed as Local System Accounts
  • Q256048 SMS: Error When Adding User/Group Name to Permitted Viewers List
  • Q255837 SMS: Uninstalling Software Inventory Agent Leaves Registry Key
  • Q255284 SMS: PCM Incorrectly Runs Newly Available Expired Jobs
  • Q254735 SMS: How to Clean Up Duplicate Computer IDs
  • Q248989 SMS: Support for Third-Party Video Drivers with Remote Control
  • Q248432 Inventory Based on String Occurrence in File Does Not Find Match
  • Q248452 SMS: "Permission Required" Is Overridden by Residual Permission
  • Q248283 SMS: Query for IP Address and Subnet Returns Unexpected Results
  • Q247852 SMS: SQL Monitor Service Does Not Create Notification Files
  • Q247484 SMS: Advertisement with Future Date May Run Immediately
  • Q246604 SMS: Software Inventory Is Not Processed Without Parent Site CAP
  • Q245570 SMSINST: Repackaged REG_MULTI_SZ Values May Be Truncated
  • Q245228 SMS: Liccli95.exe May Hang Windows 95/98 Clients
  • Q238603 SMS: RRAS May Not Work with Event 7023 After Installing SMS 2.0
  • Q238531 SMSINST: Cannot Extract More Than 1,024 Files
  • Q238127 SMS: SMS_NT_LOGON_DISCOVERY_AGENT May Experience Logon Problems
  • Q238064 SMS: Sender Routing in Multi-Tiered Hierarchies
  • Q236052 SMS: Recovering When a Client Connection Account Is Locked Out
  • Q235869 SMS: How to Use Cliutils.exe to Force Inventory to Occur
  • Q235637 SMS: Remote Control Agent Is Uninstalled on Windows NT Clients
  • Q232227 SMS: Inaccurate Installation Date Is Reported in the Inventory
  • Q231782 SMS: Smsmon32 and/or Odpwin9x May Cause Windows 95/98 to Hang
  • Q231258 SMS: Smsmon32.exe and Smswiz32.exe Hang Client Computers
  • Q226889 SMS 2.0 Administrator's Guide Site System Roles Are Incorrect
  • Q215117 SMS: Long File Names Foil Packages Sent to NetWare Points
  • Q215121 SMS: Japanese Novell NetWare/IntraNetWare 4.11 Changes the Time
  • Q215123 SMS: SMS_LOGON_SERVER_MANAGER Fails to Enumerate Shares
  • Q215114 SMS: Clients of SMS 1.2 Site Are Orphaned After Upgrade to SMS 2
  • Q212905 SMS: Configuring and Suppressing SMS 2.0 Client Agent Messages
  • Q212941 SMS: How to Perform a Search and Replace by Using SMS Installer
  • Q212978 SMS: Description of Preinst.exe for SMS 2.0
  • Q212982 SMS: Deleting an Object Does Not Delete Class Permissions
  • Q213093 LastLogonUserName Reports User Name Different than NetWare Name
  • Q213097 SMSINST: Create Shortcut Command Truncates Source Path Directory
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