Power Computing turns to Intel/Microsoft for IPO push

Power Computing, the biggest Macintosh clone maker, filed today for an independent public offering. Power Computing is best known for their "Fight Back for the Mac!" advertising campaign but their IPO is all Intel and Microsoft: the IPO announces for the first time that Power Computing intends to introduce desktop, server, and laptop computers using Intel's microprocessors and Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

While the company says it intends to "aggressively continue to pursue its Macintosh-compatible business," it is clear that the future for Power Computing is with Intel and Microsoft, not PowerPC and Apple Computer. To differentiate itself from the crowd of PC clone makers, Power Computing will "offer selected \[PC compatible\] desktop and portable computer systems with some features and functions the company believes are not currently available from other manufacturers of \[PC\] computer systems," according to the filing it made with the SEC. "In addition, the company is developing Microsoft Windows NT-based server products that will jointly support Macintosh and \[PC\] connectivity."

Separately, Power Computing also announced that they will be targeting their Macintosh-based systems at the education market, which the company had avoided in deference to Apple

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