Plus! 98 details emerge

Online reseller CDW is taking pre-orders for the Windows 98 companion product, Plus! 98. While there have been few precious details available previously about Plus! 98, CDW's ordering page for the product reveals the following information:

Microsoft Plus! 98 is the ideal companion for Windows 98, with enhancements for work and play. It includes powerful system utilities, new themes and cool games.

Features include:

  • A full version of the top selling Network Associates' McAfee VirusScan software plus 6 months of free updates, all integrated into the Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard.
  • An improvement to Windows 98's Disk Cleanup, the File Cleaner further optimizes hard drive space with suggestions about additional files that can be deleted
  • Start Menu Cleaner further optimizes your PC by removing broken links and empty folders from the Start menu.
  • Compressed Folders is a powerful archive tool that allows you to drag and drop files and view or even run files from a compressed folder while providing up to 90% compression.
  • Customize your PC's wallpaper, screen savers, cursors, sounds and more with everything from photography to science fiction with the new Plus! 98 Themes. Also includes powerful new 3D technology to make the effects in the screen savers even more fun.
  • Using Deluxe CD Player, plug in your favorite music CD and, with an Internet connection, access information such as the CD title, artist and songs, as well as all kinds of related information.
  • Easily capture and modify your favorite photos with Picture It! Express. Get great, photo-quality results when you adjust brightness, contrast and tint, crop or soften photo edges or even fix red-eye.
  • Test your skills with Lose Your Marbles–a fast-paced new game from SegaSoft.
  • Challenge yourself to an intense, two-deck variation of the classic Solitaire game with Spider Solitaire.
CDW is now taking orders for Plus! 98, which will cost about $35. To order Plus! 98 now, visit the CDW page for Plus! 98.

Also, Sparco, an online computer products catalog, lists the following information about Plus! 98 (I edited out the duplicate information from above):

  • Plus! 98 street date: June 25, 1998 (same as Windows 98).
  • 10 to 15 branded and non-branded themes.
  • Golf 1998 Lite: 9 holes from the soon-to-be-released Golf 1998 Edition.
Sparco's Windows 98 information can be found on their Web site.

Sparco is selling Plus! 98 for $39, while the Windows 98 Upgrade version will cost $104 and the Full version will be $197.

Please keep in mind that I don't endorse or recommend either of these companies: I am only passing along information about Plus! 98 that appears on their Web sites

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