'Pirates of Silicon Valley' to air Sunday

The TNT cable network will air "Pirates of Silicon Valley" for the first time this Sunday, depicting the ascension of Apple Computer and Microsoft in the early 1980's. Starring Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates and ER's Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs, the TNT movie has earned advanced praise for its depiction of the early days of the personal computer revolution. Fans of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, however, should be forewarned that their heroes are deconstructed by the story, which shows the falling out that occurred when Microsoft developed Windows to compete with the Macintosh.

Both Apple Computer and Microsoft have dismissed the movie as playing loose with facts.

"Hey, it's a made-for-TV movie, that says about enough," said Microsoft spokesperson John Pinette.

Still, its compelling viewing and the two leads were aptly cast: Wyle, in particular, is a dead-ringer for Jobs. And Hall's nasally impersonation of Gates is perfect. I strongly recommend checking it out. Also, since this movie deals mostly with the early 1980's, a sequel is always possible: Who knows, we may be treated to a string of these movies over the next few years

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