Order "Introducing Windows 98" early at a 40% discount

Book Stacks is currently offering a limited-time 40%-off deal on Microsoft Press' upcoming "Introducing Windows 98" book. I wouldn't normally mention such a thing, but I feel that this book will be of interest to many WinInfo subscribers, and this sounds like a pretty good deal. For more information about the book and the special offer, please visit their Introducing Windows 98 page.

The publisher provides the following information about the book: "Integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0, Windows 98 has everything you need to take full advantage of the internet and intranets--advanced browsing capabilities, Internet communication tools, and technologies for automating Internet information delivery, all to make everyday tasks and Internet access easier than ever. Sections of the book include: "Installation and Setup;" "Windows 98 Faces on the Internet," "Introducing Internet Explorer 4.0;" and "Extending Your Reach with Windows 98," which covers networking, multimedia, mobile computing services, and more. A must have for anyone interested in the future of computing."

Even if you don't intend to order this book from Book Stacks, visiting the site is worthwhile if you simply want to learn more about the book. You can also enter a contest to win a free copy of Windows 98

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