Open GL vs. Direct3D: the debate continues

Last week in WinInfo, it was reported that Microsoft and the games developer community were at odds over the OpenGL vs. Direct3D debate and that the lead Microsoft games evangelist had been fired over his vocal opposition to Microsoft's plans.

Since that time, there have been some interesting development. Microsoft has agreed to talk to the developers, but only about Direct3D. Angered by their tunnel vision, a second letter is being sent to Microsoft, this time signed by five times as many developers. The new letter is far more critical of Microsoft and has a more demanding tone. In it, the developers ask Microsoft to continue its active OpenGL development and to ship OpenGL bindings for DirectDraw and Windows 95 so that the market for OpenGL can be expanded.

"As professionals and amateurs, developers and hobbyists, we believe that the lack of a choice of 3D APIs would be detrimental to the developer community as a whole," the letter says. "Microsoft, your dominance in the PC operating-systems market gives you the unique opportunity to drive improvements in both hardware and software; that opportunity should be viewed as being accompanied by a responsibility to support the needs of its users. We urge you to support this API in order to allow developers to continue to push the envelope of the PC gaming industry."

So far, there has been no official response from Microsoft, other than to say that they intend to support Direct3D

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