New Internet Nexus Web site posted; exciting changes planned

This past Sunday, I uploaded the new version of the Internet Nexus Web site. As you probably know, the Internet Nexus is the home of WinInfo on the Web. Major features of the new site include:

  • A simplified design without frames for easier navigation.
  • An emphasis on Windows news & information (WinInfo) and Web publishing (Windows-based Web design & development).
  • Database-driven content - The past three months of WinInfo articles are accessible online from an Access database. This database provides daily updates to the site contents. You can also search the database for articles of interest.
  • Biweekly editorials - these are taken from WinInfo, for the most part. I will also be publishing responses to these editorials, which will focus on issues of general relevance to the world of Windows.
  • Biweekly "Nuts & Bolts" How-to's - the first is an intro to the ActiveX Control Pad. In the coming month, I will discuss publishing databases to the Web with ASP.
Of course, the Nexus is a work in progress. Please report any errors, including spelling mistakes, broken links, and broken HTML to me if possible. One problem I am aware of involves the formatting of articles in the WinInfo database: due to a change in the way that I enter the articles in the database, most articles before 1/30/97 are not formatted when displayed on the Web. I am in the process of fixing this now. Newer articles display fine and include embedded hyperlinks were applicable.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding online chat, threaded discussion groups, and NetMeeting connectivity to the site. Also, we will be expanding the Reviews section to include user-written reviews. Naturally, we will be soliciting the help of WinInfo subscribers first. We haven't decided on the exact nature of review payments yet: each reviewer will get a copy of the product, of course, be it a book, software product, or piece of hardware. Beyond that, we're looking into actual check payments or Internet Nexus products like T-shirts or mugs. Several publishing companies have already agreed to participate in the book review section, so this will probably start soon.

Another exciting development at the Nexus involves a line of Internet development books we are currently negotiating with a major computer book publisher. The first few books in this series will likely focus on the Visual Studio 97 suite. We will be needing authors for many of these books and will again be contacting WinInfo subscribers first. Stay tuned for more details.

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