New Certificate Template

Q: How do I publish a new certificate template?

A: Certificate templates enable the creation of predefined certificate configurations, which requesting users or computers can use to create new certificates. To make a new certificate template available, perform the following steps on the Certificate Authority (CA):

  1. Launch the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Certificate Authority snap-in.
  2. Navigate to <CA>, Certificate Templates.
  3. Right-click Certificate Templates and select Manage, which will open the Certificate Templates Console.
  4. Create a new template by copying an existing template (right-click a template and select Duplicate Template).
  5. The properties of the new template will open. In the General tab, enter a template name and display name and configure properties such as its validity and renewal period. Perform other configurations in the various tabs. Select the Security tab and ensure that the required users and computers have the Read and Enroll permissions (and the Autoenroll premission if autoenrollment will be required), then close the properties.
  6. Close the Certificate Templates Console.
  7. In the Certificate Authority snap-in, right-click Certificate Templates and select New, Certificate Template to Issue.
  8. Select the template you want to make available from the displayed list and click OK.

The new template will be available for users and computers to leverage.

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