Network General Offers 3 Ways to Simplify Your Life

"IT is sinking under its own weight!" said James Messer, director of technical marketing at Network General. "Considering the rise of such network-bandwidth hogs as video and virtualization, everything is becoming too complex for the IT administrator. Our goal is to lower IT complexity." Messer had three Network General announcements to share with us in a briefing recently.

The first announcement surrounds the company's integration of Cisco NetFlow data into its network intelligence architecture (networkDNA), delivering a single source of network truth aggregated from multiple vendor data sources. The company also announced the availability of new application programming interfaces (APIs) for its NetVigil and Visualizer products, providing open access to critical application and network performance data by extracting network intelligence from the networkDNA performance management database (PMDB).

“Administrators now have a dashboard-to-packet view of IT at the business level,’” said Messer. Network admins can now compare NetFlow information with business-level IT service availability and performance, using unique performance baselines and trends. This approach not only provides customers with a single workflow for monitoring and managing data, but also allows customers to gain a better understanding of application and network performance interrelationships across various IT infrastructure segments. You can watch Messer discussing NetFlow in this video.

The second announcement involves the company's introduction of Application Intelligence, an application discovery and performance analysis solution. An integral part of Network General’s Network Intelligence Suite, Application Intelligence provides network and application managers with a rich set of application metrics that isolate application performance degradation while reducing the complexity inherent in packet decode analysis.

“Administrators now have a new way to interpret data, through a customizable dashboard that's driven by our customers," Messer said. "Our forums and communities lead to essential user interaction.” With Application Intelligence, you can isolate application performance issues quickly with the customizable dashboards, and you can view historical baselines, future performance trends, and sophisticated alerting on performance anomalies. Here's a video of Messer talking about Application Intelligence.

The third announcement focuses on Network General's introduction of Virtualization Forensics, the next in a series of business forensics solutions built on the Network Intelligence Suite. Virtualization Forensics gathers and reports performance data specific to virtual machines from VMWare and Microsoft, spanning virtual and physical servers. Business Container dashboards correlate this intelligence with performance information from components residing outside the virtual environment.

“Virtualization Forensics solution lets the administrator monitor activity on virtual machines, as well as their physical hosts, all from one monitoring tool,” said Messer. "Virtual environments are closed environments, so it's essential to know what's going on in there." Virtual Forensics lets you quickly identify IT service performance problems and drill down into application flow details. You can watch Messer talking about Virtualization Forensics in this video.

All three of these product components are modular. You can purchase them all as part of Network General's Network Intelligence Suite, or you can buy them separately.

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