Netscape unveils new browser rendering engine

The West Coast wing of America Online unveiled their next-generation Web browser rendering engine, dubbed "Gecko." This new engine will drive the next version of Netscape Communicator, the Internet client suite. Gecko supports the full HTML 4.0 specification, XML, CSS 1.0, and the new Resource Description Framework (RDF) standard. Best of all, Gecko is small: It will fit on a floppy and can be embedded in a variety of small, non-PC devices such as cellular phones, televisions, and palm devices.

"\[Gecko\] will let anyone access Web content from any operating system, device, or application," a Netscape representative said on Monday.

Developers working on the Mozilla project, the open source version of Netscape's next browser, will get a chance to work with Gecko first. Eventually, Netscape will incorporate this engine into the first public beta of Communicator 5.0, due in 1999

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