Netscape removes Java logo

Netscape Communications has removed the Java logo from Communicator and Navigator 4.04 since the products are not fully Java-compatible and it doesn't want to end up in court with Sun like Microsoft. Netscape admits that they are overdue in supporting Java 1.1.

"We are fully compliant with JDK 1.0.2," said a Netscape spokesperson. "But to keep the logo is misleading because developers are moving toward 1.1. It we're just being cautious."

Technically, Netscape has broken its Java license because it has not shipped a Java 1.1 product by now. The JDK 1.1 has been available since February and Microsoft supports it in IE 4.0.

"There is a contractual obligation to ship support for 1.1 in a certain time frame after we ship it, and that time has passed," confirmed a spokesperson for at JavaSoft.

Netscape says it will have Java 1.1 compatibility "eventually," but it probably won't occur before Communicator 5.0 ships sometime in 1998. Netscape is also working on a 100% Pure Java version of its Navigator Web browser, dubbed "Javagator," that it expects to deliver in 1998 as well

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