Netscape posts Communicator 4.72

Netscape Communications has posted a new version of its Communicator browser suite, Communicator 4.72, to its FTP site. Available in base install (16 MB) and complete install (19 MB) editions, Communicator 4.72 follows the once-available and suddenly withdrawn 4.71. Hopefully this one will be around a little longer than its predecessor. Communicator 4.72 includes a variety of small changes and bug fixes, including global IME support for the inputting of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, and User agent support for Windows 2000 users. The Calendar component is no longer included in the install packages, but is now available instead from the iPlanet Web site.

To download Communicator 4.72, please visit the Netscape FTP site or, if you're already using Communicator, the Smart Update Web site

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