Netscape embraces JavaBeans

Netscape Communications announced this morning that they will bring object oriented computing "to the mainstream" by embracing the JavaBeans component model. JavaBeans was developed by Sun Microsystems, creators of Java.

"We're really driving down the cost of applications development and deployment with these technologies," said Netscape's Eric Hahn.

JavaBeans is a specification similar to ActiveX, except that its components must be written in Java. JavaBeans components are cross-platform, however, meaning they can run on Windows, the Macintosh, or on a variety of UNIXs. Netscape plans to integrate JavaBeans with their Netscape ONE (Open Network Environment) to enable HTML, C, C++, JavaScript and Java to be wrapped into a JavaBean (a component).

Officials from IBM, Oracle, Sun and Netscape have submitted a proposal to the Object Management Group to turn JavaBeans into the component model for CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) as well. This groundswell of support for the fledgling component specification bodes well for supporters

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