Mozilla M14 hints at things to come has released the final pre-beta milestone build of its open source version of Netscape Communicator, currently dubbed Mozilla. The M14 release, which was made publicly available late last week, offers a number of improvements over the previous 13 milestones, but it's also an interesting glimpse at the future of Communicator.

First up is a first attempt at a true installation program, and while that's still a bit rough (there's no GUI way to uninstall it, for example, though it's possible) it's a nice change over the previous releases, which relied on arcane command line executables. Each of the components in the browser suite, including the essentially full-featured Web browser and email programs, offers an interesting slide-out Explorer-bar like widget and an HTML-based user interface. The products are buggy and slow-running, but of interest to developers and anyone else that needs access to the latest Web technology.

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