More iSCSI Standards in the Works

The approval of the iSCSI standard hasn't stopped the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF's) IP Storage Working Group from working on iSCSI improvements. The group met last week to discuss and review 24 working drafts intended to enhance and improve the iSCSI standard. In a letter to the IETF's IP Storage Working Group's mailing list, David Black, cochairman of the group and senior technologist at EMC, summarized the drafts. The drafts aren't expected to affect new iSCSI products emerging after standard finalization but will broaden iSCSI's usefulness.


The new drafts target technologies that make storage management easier. The drafts also target Fibre Channel over IP storage (FCIP), including Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) extensions to FCIP. Members of IETF's Storage Working Group are expected to introduce more drafts in the near future, including gateways and bridges between iSCSI and other SCSI protocols.

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