More Details Emerge about Microsoft's Storage Division

At Storage Networking World last week, Microsoft Senior Vice-President Bob Muglia revealed more details about Microsoft's recently formed Enterprise Storage Division. In a keynote address at the conference, Muglia outlined some of Microsoft's upcoming storage initiatives and noted that the company has developed enough storage plans to keep them busy for the next 10 years.

According to Muglia, Microsoft formed the Enterprise Storage Division to create a comprehensive storage strategy across its product lines, including Windows .NET Server and SQL Server. Another division goal is to make Microsoft products work better with many storage technologies. Microsoft will include one of the first technology sets from the division in Windows .NET Server, scheduled to ship later this year. Volume ShadowCopy Service (VSS) will provide a standard way for Windows applications to interact with point-in-time copy capabilities from any vendor; time-warping facilities to let people go back in time to capture data at key points; and virtual disk services that make applications visible to the underlying storage systems.

VSS is the first of many technologies Microsoft expects to deliver. The company will emphasize making Windows the most powerful environment for storage use and management. The company hopes to work with vendors in the industry to improve storage technology. "The OS provides the glue between the storage system and the applications, and that's the key for us," Muglia said.

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