Monday's "big" Apple announcement not so big

There are numerous rumors circulating around the Net that the "big" announcement Apple Computer's Steve Jobs made on Monday wasn't the full story. Apparently, a deal with Oracle was either cancelled or put off at the last second, leaving Jobs to talk only about the new Macs and a new Apple online store, neither or which are particularly exciting. Rumor has it that Oracle was planning to purchase or merge with Apple Computer, or, at the very least, start a joint licensing agreement with Apple that would have Apple creating Mac-based Network Computer and Rhapsody-based network servers.

No one is sure what caused the cancellation of the actual announcement planned for Monday, but one thing is sure: Apple executives from all over Europe and other parts of the world were instructed to fly to Cupertino for the announcement or to organize official company events around it in their own countries. When the announcement ended, most Apple execs were either shocked or relieved that nothing important had happened, and there is a general feeling that something else was planned.

Of course, this is all just circumstantial, but don't be surprised if a real bombshell from Apple is announced soon

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