Mobile Devices Remain Unsecured

Do these numbers surprise you?


60 percent of companies don't have a way to scan devices that are trying to connect to their corporate network and quarantine ones that don't meet company security requirements.


23 percent rely on users to apply security patches


65 percent experience security breaches


46 percent can enforce security settings on mobile devices only when the devices are physically in the corporate environment


22 percent have computers that operate outside their network and that aren't manageable over a VPN


The percentages surprised security software provider LANDesk, which commissioned the survey that produced them. Five hundred IT managers in the US, UK, France, and Germany were questioned about their mobile device security--IT managers who work for midsized to large corporations. That might be another surprise--it's not just small companies that are having trouble adequately securing their mobile workforce, it's larger companies too.

-- Renee Munshi

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