Microsoft will donate to Internet2

Microsoft Corporation will donate over $1 million in goods and services to Internet2, the upcoming high-speed digital network for universities and professional researchers. Unlike the Internet, which allows anyone to connect via a dial-up line or other connection, the Internet2 will be closed to non-researchers and achieve speeds almost 50,000 times as fast as the typical dial-up connection. Over 150 U.S. universities are working with the government and industry partners like Microsoft to make Internet2 a reality.

"The potential for delivering tele-immersion, tele-medicine and high-quality video, TV, telephony and multimedia that is robust and real-time is no longer just a dream," says Internet2 member Rob Johnson. "If these services and others needed for electronic business are to become real across the desk tops of the world, it's simply essential to have Microsoft's research and product development people partnering with us."

Microsoft's Research and Product Development teams will work with Internet2 working groups, while Microsoft's most active role in the new network will be hosting online member meetings, technology exchange conferences, and other events.

For more information about Internet2, please visit the Internet2 Web site

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