Microsoft will add CDF functionality to Netcaster

Microsoft is porting its CDF (Channel Definition Format) technology to Netscape's Netcaster "Webtop." CDF is a proposed standard for push content that Microsoft is incorporating into Internet Explorer 4.0. Since Netscape has refused to support CDF, Microsoft decided to add the feature to Netcaster themselves.

"It doesn't require Netscape to make any changes to \[their Netcaster\] client," said Internet Explorer Product Manager Dave Fester, "And for authors and developers, it gives them the ability to write CDF that runs anywhere. There's this industry concern over a diverging standard. Now, Microsoft and Netscape can move beyond competing on standards and focus on implementation."

Netscape, for their part, claims to be unconcerned about Microsoft's work on Netcaster.

"I don't see any harm in that," said Michael Po, director of client product marketing at Netscape. "There's nobody beating our doors down from the content side to do this. If this becomes an issue with our content partners then we'll support it.

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