Microsoft to upgrade Small Business Server

Microsoft Corporation is readying an upgrade to its Small Business Server (SBS) that will simplify Internet connectivity. Small Business Server 2.0, as the upgrade is called, is due by the end of the year. New Wizards will allow customers to connect the suite to existing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) during Setup; The previous version of SBS assumed the customer had no Internet connection yet. SBS 2.0 will also include easy ways to setup high-speed Internet connections, such as cable modems, ADSL, WAN, and even ISDN and DSL.

Additionally, SBS will be upgraded to include what will then be the latest versions of its components, including SQL Server 7.0, Proxy Server 2.0, and IIS 5.0. A future release of SBS, likely to be called version 3.0, will include Windows NT 5.0 when it is released next year

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