Microsoft Training and Certification Guide App for Windows 8

Microsoft Training and Certification Guide App for Windows 8

Rummaging through the Windows Store recently I came across a new guide app that will be useful for those of you seeking Microsoft certifications. The app itself is not extraordinary, but the content provided is valuable.

The app is basically a PDF guide converted to scroll sideways instead of up and down. In fact, there's a top menu option within the app to just view the guide as a PDF.

When you click the "View as PDF" option, the PDF version will open in a snapped Window.

Viewed as a PDF, you can scroll normally through the guide or print it.

Viewed in the app, the majority of content available simply links to Microsoft's Learning web sites, so to read more than what the app provides, you'll need a constant Internet connection. When you tap to read more on a topic, IE11 opens the associated web page in another snapped Window.

Despite being just a glorified PDF, it's extremely useful having the information presented in a single, central location.

The app is available for download from the Windows Store. Just search for 'Microsoft Training and Certification Guide' or use the following link:

Microsoft Training and Certification Guide

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